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Placer County and Town of Truckee Short Term Rental Permit Update!


Placer County and Town of Truckee Short Term Rental Permit Update!


STR Registration Certificate Cap: 1,255

We have reached our cap of 1,255 and no registrations are currently available.

  • 1,230 Active Registrations 
  • 25 Registration spots allocated to the Short-Term Rental Token Program per Town Council. 
  • Currently 240 on the Waitlist. 
  • There is a 365-Day waiting period after a home sale before the new owner may apply for the waitlist. Even if the purchase date was prior to the regulation going into effect the waiting period would still apply. 
  • There is a $100 non-refundable deposit that will go towards your full registration fee once it is your turn to register.
  • You must have a Completed Fire Safety Self-Certification Form
  • Registration Fee $381

Visit Town of Truckee Online or give us a call, text or email.

We currently have received and approved 3,308 permits

We are working on 84 more, leaving about 500 additional permits available.

  • To apply, update, or renew your application or permit, please follow this link: 
  • We are allowing STR homeowners to apply or renew their STR permits until March 31, 2024 without proof that your STR property has passed either or both of the required fire inspections.  
  • Beginning 4/1/2024, all new applicants and renewals will be required to have both passing fire inspections. If you do not have both passing inspections at the time of renewal your permit will not be renewed. You will have to reapply once you have both inspections completed.
  • You must hold a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Certificate
  • Proof of Bear Bin/Dumpster
  • There is a Short-Term Rental Application fee of $306

Visit Placer County online or give us a call, text or email for more information!