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Tahoe Ski Area NEW Parking Reservation System!


Tahoe Ski Area NEW Parking Reservation System!

Ski area parking is the big new change for Lake Tahoe resorts.  Excessive traffic congestion – as in roads becoming parking lots on ski weekends and holidays – has implemented new rules for the big ski areas.  I know some locals who can only ski on weekends and holidays are not happy with this, and other locals who do not ski are grateful.  Last year a trip from Truckee to Tahoe City on a Saturday morning for a business meeting that normally takes max 30 minutes, took 2.5 hours.  So, you can see where some locals are very frustrated with the ski area impacts on busy days, along with those who stay in line for hours to be turned away as there’s no place to park.

Here’s the new protocol for parking procedures for our big ski resorts:

Palisades Tahoe.  Includes Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows.


Heavenly Valley

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