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Have you heard about the Truckee Home Access Program?


Have you heard about the Truckee Home Access Program?

The Truckee Home Access Program (THAP) preserves, produces, and protects homes to create places for people who work full-time in the Truckee region to live locally. THAP pays buyers, sellers, businesses, and developers to reserve homes for income qualified local workers using a fifty-five-year deed restriction.

Buyers can apply for compensation up to $150,000 for a maximum $937,500 home purchase price. Payment can be used for down payment assistance, renovations, or other expenses.

Sellers can sell at a reduced price and apply for compensation to make up the difference between the reduced price and the appraised value.

Local Businesses can apply for compensation to rent or sell homes to local workers, including their own.

Developers can apply for compensation to build homes for sale or rent to local workers.

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