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Where do Tahoe residents go for vacation?


Where do Tahoe residents go for vacation?

Many Tahoeites take off for the desert in winter…just for a change of scenery and a blast of warm
weather. Some have second homes in these climes, others just rent for a period of time, but there’s a
nice synergy between Norther California’s cooler climate and Southern California and Arizona’s warm
climates in winter – with a reverse in the summer.

I happen to love where I live with easy access for my real estate business on Lake Tahoe and the area in
general, so have never felt trapped with heavy winters. However, a little respite in the desert is a fun
change of scenery and pace. I think we all like a break in the ‘routine’, and for me, that’s my spot for
non-real estate travel when not taking some significant trip every few years.

In addition to the desert/warm locations, the Hawaiian Islands are also a strong pull for not only
Tahoeites, but Californians in general.