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Tahoe Update


Tahoe Update

Greetings Fellow Life Travelers:

Summer!  It’s really here!  After a series of daily thunderstorms, looks like we’re clear for a while.  Temps are in the 80s for the long holiday weekend and, with temps over 100 in the Sacramento valley area, we’ll have a significant influx of visitors.  Big campaign for volunteers to clean up the beaches on the 5th  –  a shame we must even think about that.  Efforts to “pack it in, pack it out” seem to fall on deaf ears.  On the ‘up’ side, residents and visitors will have a fabulous time with all the events planned, lakes to enjoy and trails to tread.  The markets should be a bit more robust now, so let’s take a look at last week.

  • Residential Real Estate – week 6/24 – 6/30 
  • Tahoe Sierra MLS – North/West Shores & Truckee.  New Listings – 51; Escrows – 13; Solds – 41
  • Incline Village/Crystal Bay MLS.  New Listings – 21; Escrows – 10; Solds – 6
  • East Shore, NV MLS.  New Listings – 5; Escrows – 0; Solds – 5
  • Reno/Sparks MLS.  New Listings – 113; Escrows – 155; Solds – 125

For Tahoe Sierra, there a split lakefront, new build, on the North Shore came on at $7.375M.  Highest sale was $5M in Northstar, and a lakefront home in Brockway Springs sold for $4.1M.  Out of the 41 sales, 21 were between $1M & $2M, 14 under $1M, and 6 over $2M.  For New Listings, 18 of the 51 were in the Basin.  Incline had a new off-water listing on lake side of Hwy 28 at $8.995M, and a lakeview sold at $8.25M. 7 of the 10 escrows were condos.  East Shore has a new build lakefront in Skyland at $20.88M, and Reno/Sparks action continues with more escrows than new listings. 

  • Local/Real Estate/Luxe
  • Truckee Fourth of July Schedule (see attached)
  • Tahoe City Fourth – fabulous drone show will be launched from the Tahoe Marina Lakefront condominiums.
  • Amid rising equities, stable home prices, low unemployment and falling inflation, consumer sentiment is positive in the U.S. Northern Trust
  • The price of existing homes declined .02% Y-o-Y in April – first decline since early 2012.  However, M-o-M prices have risen in last 3 months after falling for 7 months.  Home prices peaked in 6/22, bottomed out in 1/23 and have been rising since.  House prices are down just 2.4% from their 6/22 peak.  Elliot Eisenberg, the Bowtie Economist
  • Wildfire emissions in 2020 were twice as high as California’s entire greenhouse gas reductions between 2003 – 2019.  Nearly 1.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide were released due to forest fires in 2021. Congressman Tom McClintock
  • Defensible space clearing.  High Sierra Home Defense – Caleb. 530-606-0153   In spite of having my property assessed and addressed a few years ago, growies grow so it should be an annual inspection.  Caleb did a fabulous job addressing the callouts – highly recommend him.
  • Artown, Reno.  Along with a myriad of fabulous events in July, there is beautiful display of Dragon Lights at Rancho San Rafael that will be there until Aug. 13.
  • Lake Tahoe:  an average of 7 people die in the lake every year due to the cold temps.  Take Care Tahoe’s campaign to raise awareness with new beach signs: Think Before You Sink. (Once you feel cold water shock, it’s too late). Cold Water Shock Drowning is Preventable. (Wear a life vest.)  This Lake Is Cold As Ice.  (Play safely. Wear a life vest.)  Tahoe Can Take Your Breath Away. Literally. (Cold water shock kills. Wear a life vest.)   I know you reading this are savvy, but good to remind friends who may not be so aware of our Lake’s foibles.
  • Pasquale Esposito – a fabulous Bay Area tenor – will be in concert under the stars on Sunday, July 16 – Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill.  On the 20th, he’ll be at Beringer VIneyards, Napa.
  • World’s largest gas station just opened in Sevierville, Tennessee, with 120 pumps and more than 350 employees.  Open 24 hours daily, Buc-ee’s has everything from fresh fudge to signature brisket sandwiches and even bathing suits.  Buc-ee’s is a chain in the south and took top spot as a Forbes’ Customer Experience All-Star in February. Its 74,000 sq.ft. in Tennessee will soon be topped by Buc-ee’s Luling, Texas 75,000 sq.ft. build now under construction.  Maybe EVs aren’t so popular in them thar parts.
  • Toccata – Tahoe Symphony Orchestra: Red, White and Blue: A Salute to America concert.  Friday, July 7, Truckee High School Auditorium
  • TidBits
  • I told the waitress my steak was bad.  She picked it up, slapped it, put it down and said, “If it gives you more trouble, let me know.”
  • I think my dog always follows me to the bathroom because I always follow him outside, and he thinks that’s the way it works.
  • You will always see children fighting for inheritance, but you will never see them fighting to take care of their sick parents.
  • I just fired myself from cleaning my house.  I didn’t like my attitude, and I got caught drinking on the job.
  • The 3 stages of life:  Wanting stuff. Accumulating Stuff. Getting rid of Stuff.
  • Great childhood memory…falling asleep on the couch and waking up in bed.  I miss teleporting.  It never happens to me anymore. 
  • Five African grey parrots were removed from their display in Lincolnshire Wildlife Park because they were swearing at visitors and then laughing with each other.
  • When assembling your dog, be sure to read the directions.  (See below)
  • A swarm of Ladybugs is called a Loveliness – A Loveliness of Ladybugs.  We know they bring good luck, so remember to count your blessings when you see one! 
  • To err is human.  To blame it on someone else shows management potential.
  • The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.  Stay safe. Eat Cake.
  • I enjoy a glass of wine each night for its health benefits.  The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves.

So have a witty and flawless long weekend/holiday with our beautiful weather, celebrating our Independence and love of our Country!  (Sometimes a challenge, but our freedom prevails!)  Gad – July already.  And summer always goes so fast, so enjoy every moment!   See you next time!

Best wishes,