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Tahoe Update


Tahoe Update

Greetings Fellow Life Travelers:

The inevitable – pine pollen!  It has started and will hopefully be over soon.  We typically have two waves, so no cushions on the deck just yet.  Remaining lump of snow on the lawn should be gone in a few days, enabling water turn-on for the garden.  Temps cooled a bit this week and look like will stay in the low-mid 60s until around June 5.  Afternoon thunderstorms are with us too for a while.  Lots of activity getting amenities open and going this holiday weekend – with no snow!  Vacation homeowners often pick this weekend to get houses ready for summer use.  Real estate activity is iffy…some years holiday weekends are robust, others not so much.  When it’s really hot in the valley, we get an influx of visitors looking to cool off. So, let’s see what was hot this week in real estate.

  • Residential Real Estate – week 5/20 – 5/26
  • Tahoe Sierra MLS – North/West Shores & Truckee.  New Listings – 60; Escrows – 11; Solds – 11
  • Incline Village/Crystal Bay MLS.  New Listings – 14; Escrows – 7; Solds – 8
  • East Shore, NV MLS.  New Listings – 8; Escrows – 1; Solds – 1
  • Reno/Sparks MLS.  New Listings – 134; Escrows – 142; Solds – 106

Ok then!  Now we’re humming!  Huge uptick in new listings in the TSMLS, and more action in Incline/Crystal Bay.  Nice new West Shore off-water estate at $10.2M; 6 of the TS escrows under $1M, with only 2 of the 11 in the Basin.  Incline had another new lakefront at $10.9, sharing a pier with the one that came on last week at $9M – these are just past the intersection of Hwy 28, heading down the East Shore.  A very European-style home in an Incline lakefront subdivision that has been on the market for years finally sold. Listed at $8.6M, it sold for $7.9M.  Reno had a nice escrow in Montreux – single level home listed at $4.2M. 

  • Local/Real Estate/Luxe
  • The beautiful Bently Heritage Estate Distillery in Minden has a new owner!  The historic buildings were all renovated by the Bently family that chose to close operations a while ago.  Nice to see it coming back to life with Foley Family Wines of Sonoma.
  • Dog longevity.  Great article by Ted Kerasote in Outside magazine:
  • Lottery applications for new piers:  TRPA – June 1 – 31.
  • Another biggie in LA – New construction, 35,000 sf home – on the market for $185M.
  • ChessUp.  New on-line board game to be released in June, complete with AI.
  • Trails & Vistas Art Hikes at Spooner Lake – June 24 & 25.  For tickets:
  • Johnathan the Tortoise turned 188 on May 17.  He’s the oldest living land animal alive.
  • Fun Fact:  What’s that sweet smell in Tahoe’s forests in the summer? Stick your nose into the bark of a Jeffrey pine and find out! The aroma, often compared to vanilla or butterscotch, is likely due to the sap being warmed by the sun. The smell can often be found in Ponderosa pines as well – next time you’re out and about, take a whiff!   Tahoe Fund
  • The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England.  Impressive exhibit at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum. June 24 – Sept 24.
  • Cottonwood Restaurant, Truckee – Dining deck overlooking the Town now open.
  • Tahoe Lakefront Owner’s Association.  Annual pre-summer gathering at Garwoods with up-to-date info regarding lakefront properties, entitlements, what the Association is working on, etc.  This is a vibrant organization focused on protecting private property rights, with privileged information available to members.  For information:
  • Entertainment
  • TidBits
  • Not everyone gets the same version of me.  One person might tell you I’m an amazing, beautiful soul.  Another person will say I’m a cold-hearted asshole.  Believe them both.  I act accordingly.
  • Food for thought:  Are mashed potatoes just Irish guacamole?
  • Cop: “You were going fast.” Me: “I was just trying to keep up with traffic.”  Cop: “There isn’t any.”  Me: “I know! That’s how far behind I am.”
  • “Education should not be the filling of a pail; it should be the lighting of a fire.”  William Butler Yeats
  • “Bloom where you are planted.”  Eleanor Preger
  • “More is more; less is a bore.”  Iris Apfel
  • When older people say, “Enjoy them while they are young”, they are talking about your knees and hips, not your kids.
  • Today I’ll live in the moment, unless the moment becomes unpleasant, in which case I’ll take a nap.
  • Bikini season is just around the corner.  Unfortunately, so is the taco truck. 
  • The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have begun asking humans to prove they aren’t a robot.
  • Now that I have lived through a plague, I totally understand why Italian renaissance paintings are full of fat people lying on couches.
  • Now that we have everyone washing their hands correctly – next week – Turn Signals.
  • They say that women talk too much.  If you have worked in Congress, you know that the filibuster was invented by men.  Clare Boothe Luce
  • If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.  Doug Larson
  • I just realized why this month is called May.  It may rain, it may snow, it may be 70 degrees or it may be 20 degrees.
  • “Daddy, do trees poop?”  “Of course, son, that’s how we get #2 pencils.”

So, time to sharpen the pencil for forthcoming business as pent-up demand starts finding perfect Tahoe homes!  In the meantime, on Monday, let’s remember and honor those who gave their lives to keep our country free and prosperous.  Have a great week and see you next time.

Best wishes,